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Careignition is the first healthcare data platform that defines healthcare in terms you can understand and manage​.

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The Careignition advantage

Clearer understanding

Businesses make decisions based on price, efficiency, accuracy, and quality – it’s time you’re able to do so with healthcare, too.​

Actionable insights

Go seamlessly from analysis to action with clear, specific steps you can take to improve your health plan.

Lower costs

With a much cleaner picture of value, you can make decisions that lower your costs, while maintaining a high quality health plan.

Improved outcomes

When you know what you are buying, you can put your money towards care that best aligns with what your employees need.

We turn your messy data...

... and 12 more procedure codes and line items


Complex, fractured, varied

...into insights you can use.



Clear, complete, uniform

Careignition illuminates your healthcare supply chain... simple, easy-to-understand terms, so you’re equipped to make the best decisions for your organization.

How we define value: PEAQ

We use price, efficiency, accuracy, and quality to measure the true value of healthcare and health plans. By doing so, we empower you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your organization or your clients. ​


The weighted average of unit cost across well-defined healthcare units (ex: an MRI with contrast)​


The resources required to deliver a specific clinical service and its frequency​


The correctness of billing according to payment policy and fair billing practices​


The outcomes and adherence to evidence-based guidelines for each action​

Put your data into operation

Uncover the steps, from the simple to the complex, you can take to intelligently manage your healthcare spend. Make changes that have a long-lasting, predictable impact. ​

Gain targeted insights

Learn what programs will work for you and how to implement them.​

Strategically deploy resources

Utilize resources and learn how they impact the value of care.

Track and validate initiatives

Determine the ROI of your existing and future programs.

Evaluate performance

Have a robust view of your health plan’s network performance.

Careignition Saved a Fortune 500 Company over $2.5M

We identified and helped recover over $2.5M in over-payments for a Fortune 500 manufacturer.

Working with us

Learn where and how we can add value.

Employers & payers

Take control of your health spend and manage health plans better.​

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Brokers & consultants​

Deliver higher value to your clients by providing actionable insights.​

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