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Deliver higher value to your clients by giving them a clearer understanding of their health spend and better recommendations.

Empower your clients with meaningful tools to see the performance drivers of their health plan purchasing, enabling them to buy healthcare better.

Provide unparalleled insights and operational improvements

We get you the data so you can deliver the value

Our technology does the legwork to get you unique, actionable, and understandable insights – so you can best service your clients.

Current insights:

Careignition-Powered Insights:

The benefits consultant of the future will be at least, in part, a healthcare purchasing consultant. Our technology was built to fuel that transition.

Partner with Careignition to...

Offer the report to a prospect to get your foot in the door

Bring the technology into your bids to differentiate your services

Use in renewal to explain performance and discuss steps for improvement

Deliver a project (i.e. establish plan performance for an RFP)

Careignition teamed up with a leading benefits consultant to bring clarity and 10% annual savings to a client

A well-known benefits consultant used our platform to achieve $3MM savings for a
2000-employee manufacturer.

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