Our mission is to make healthcare fixable ​by making data meaningful. ​

Our story

“When I tore my ACL and needed surgery in 2017, I was asked whether I wanted to have the procedure done on the upcoming Monday or Tuesday. I chose Monday because it was more convenient.​

I was surprised to learn that this choice was a $10,000 decision. It was the same doctor performing the same procedure, but if it was on Monday, the surgery would be at a hospital; if it was on Tuesday, it would be at an ambulatory surgical center. That simple change in location was a five-figure difference.​

In my post-surgical haze, I thought: How is this possible? And why does this happen?​

As I learned more about our healthcare system, I realized that it is not governed by economic rationality, and that lack of governing structure has had dire consequences. Healthcare costs more in the U.S. than any other country, and U.S. commercial healthcare costs have grown over 250% in the last two decades.

I also started to realize that, in virtually every other industry, we use data about the price, quantity, quality, and efficiency of goods and services to solve economic problems and create better outcomes for buyers. In healthcare, we don’t use this data, because we don't even have it. Instead, all we have are fragmented snippets of information and abstract categories that do not fully reflect the healthcare decisions we make and their impacts.

At Careignition, that is what we are working to create: the clear data framework that our industry needs to seriously understand, manage, and improve how we pay for healthcare. Join us in creating the change our healthcare system needs.”​

David Gaines, Founder & CEO​


Our values drive what we do each day and how we do it. It’s important to us that we ground our work – both the daily to-dos and the big picture goals – collectively, so that we’re aligned as we strive to create change.​

Members-first mindset

People are our priority – and making sure they receive efficient, high-quality care drives what we do.​


We ask lots of questions, and lean into what we don’t (yet) understand. We’re honest about what we can do, and what we’re still learning.​

Results-driven approach​

We are motivated by the impact we deliver: on a member’s experience, an employer’s decision-making, and the systemic change we can ignite.​

Big dreams​

We’re on a mission to improve our healthcare system. There’s no task too large to make our goals a reality.​

Our team

Our multi-disciplinary team draws strength from our various backgrounds, enabling us to approach problems from a variety of perspectives. We pride ourselves on being a mission-driven team that has fun while building towards great change. We strive to work rigorously and thoughtfully, and we believe that a scrappy first draft is better than no draft. ​

Founder + CEO​

Matthew Lenert​, PhD

Lead Data Architect​

Christina Stebbins​

Lead Software Engineer​

Sumiko Neary​

Operations Lead​


Ernest Smith​

Former Director of Employee Benefits at AK Steel and Market Leader at Towers Perrin​​

Brad Buxton

Former Senior VP at both HCSC and Anthem

Chad Schneider​

Head of Broker Partnerships at Origin​

Health Informatics Advisory Board

Matthew Lenert, PhD​

Lead Data Architect at Careignition

Tiffany Callahan, PhD

Research Fellow at Columbia University