Healthcare data shouldn't be so messy.
With us, it's not.

Our engineering simplifies your data so you can understand it – and know what to do next.

You couldn’t manage your groceries if:

this receipt...

6x Loaf of Bread: $14.50
4x Water Bottle: $3.50
1x Clorox Bleach: $6.19
Total: $24.19

...looked liked this:

Flour products: $4
Dairy substances: $1
Plastic packaging: $4.50
Sucralose: $1.10
Wheat germ: $1.10
Polyurethane: $0.50
H2O: $2.50
Carbohydrates, other: $4
Sodium hypochlorite: $3.49
Total: $24.19

Healthcare is no different.

Current data is fractured, missing context, and just plain confusing.

See the full picture with Careignition.

The Careignition data model converts fractured, variable, and inconsistent claims data into clear and standard business objects with the information necessary to manage and improve value.

We transform data to power reporting

Our Value Report

We provide a thorough, value-based analysis of your health plan’s performance based on price, efficiency, accuracy, and quality (PEAQ).

Get a clear picture of your spend, with specific recommendations for changes you can make.

Our Web App

A dynamic, in-depth look at your health spend, whenever you need it. Our web application provides access to your data, in a simplified format, at your fingertips.

What we deliver for you

Fractured data made whole

You already have the data you need. Now, you have it in a format that makes sense. Understand the full picture of healthcare value.

Insights you can use

We measure value on price, efficiency, accuracy, and quality. With these metrics, you can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of your healthcare spend.

Actions with impact

Get clear recommendations with predictable results. Implement simple-to-complex policy changes that have big savings.

How we’re different

We deliver unparalleled breadth and depth, providing you with more specific and useful information.

Let's get started

Learn how Careignition can illuminate your health data.​

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