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Understand, manage, and strategize your health spend by getting a clear, whole picture of your healthcare plan.

Gain the tools to see where your spend is going and how effectively it’s being used. Learn concrete ways you can maximize efficiency and quality.

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In almost all areas of your business’s supply chain, when purchasing or producing goods and services, there is a process for examining their performance metrics.

Healthcare has a supply chain too – the only difference is that you can’t see or measure it like you would any other area of your business.

See your healthcare supply chain and learn how to manage it with Careignition.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

With Careignition, you can manage and measure the metrics of performance necessary to lower healthcare costs and improve quality. We measure price, efficiency, accuracy, and quality (PEAQ).


The weighted average of unit cost across well-defined healthcare units (ex: an MRI)​


The resources required to deliver a specific clinical service and its frequency​


The correctness of billing according to payment policy and fair billing practices​


The outcomes and adherence to evidence-based guidelines for each action​

The Careignition approach enables better healthcare management

Make informed decisions about your network

Choose the right vendors and hold them accountable with better information

Cut out fraud, waste, and abuse from your plan

Careignition identified $20M in savings for a Fortune 500 Manufacturer

Our platform also identified and helped recover over $2M in over-payments for this company.

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